Gamma Pickleball Paddle Obsidian 13


Available with either a power-oriented 13mm (0.51″) thick SensaCore or control-oriented 16mm (0.63″) thick NueCore Polypropylene core, the GAMMA Obsidian pickleball paddle is designed to offer the reach and precision GAMMA paddles are known for, with an added dash of nasty spin courtesy of the raw graphite face. No matter the thickness that appeals to you, the tapered edges and 7.8 oz. weight will encourage a high swing speed and quick reload, so you can truly utilize the large sweet spot and vibration dampening capabilities of these modern materials to their true potential.

The Obsidian paddle combines its aerodynamic attributes with an extended 5.75″ long handle and 16-3/8″ by 7-3/8″ overall proportions to promote reach and two-handed power shots. The raw graphite hitting surface, a recent innovation for GAMMA, offers plenty of friction that helps you keep shots on the court and impart incredible spin on cut shots. The durable and tapered edge guard keeps this black beauty in tip top shape throughout long seasons, while the crowd-favorite GAMMA honeycomb grip allows you to effortlessly control this paddle from first serve to match point.

No matter your core thickness preference, the Obsidian Raw Graphite Paddle from GAMMA Pickleball will work to add swing speed, spin, and confidence to your skillset.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″

The thin 13mm SensaCore provides a generous sweet spot, further enhancing power but with feedback that allows players to choose how much energy they want to unleash.


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GAMMA Obsidian 

Shape: Tapered Profile – Increases the overall size of the sweetspot for enhanced feel and control.

Grip Length: Extended Length Paddle Grip – Allows for more comfortable two-handed play.

Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

13 MM Specifications

Core Thickness: 13 mm

Weight: ≈ 7.7 ounces

Length: 16-3/8 inches

Width: 7-3/8 inches

Grip length: 5-3/4 inches

Grip size: 4-1/8 inches

Grip Type: GAMMA Signature Honeycomb Grip.



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