At the beginning of June, our year-long courses at schools for children will end and we are happy with your progress and success in competitions.


Pickleball, a sport filled with fun and passion, has undergone a revolution for our kids over the past year. From those first nervous steps onto the court to the impressive performances we’ve proudly witnessed, we’ve embarked on an incredible journey together. However, as we approach the end of this unforgettable period, it’s time to express gratitude for all the memories and look ahead to what awaits us.

Throughout this time, we’ve not only learned and excelled in pickleball but also forged strong community bonds. Every child who attended our classes not only gained the skills needed for this exciting sport but also took away new friendships among Czech kids, orphans and also children from Ukraine and unforgettable experiences.

Now, after a year full of joy and achievements, we’re nearing the final lessons of our kids’ pickleball courses. But don’t despair! While we’re closing this chapter, we’re opening many more. We’re excited for the new challenges and adventures that future seasons and new students will bring us.

We won’t forget the smiles, the joyful shouts, and the challenges overcome that we experienced together. We thank all the parents and children for spending this amazing year with us. Whether your children decide to continue with pickleball or discover new interests, we’ll always remember these precious moments sharing our passion for this sport.

And so, with full hearts, we bid farewell to the kids’ pickleball course season, but with open hearts and enthusiasm, we look forward to everything that future adventures will bring us. Thank you all, and we look forward to meeting you on the court, whether it’s next year or anytime in the future.



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