Pickleball Association is an organization that promotes and develops the sport of pickleball. Membership in this association can have several benefits:
1. Access to official rules and standards: members can gain access to the official pickleball rules and standards for playing the sport. This allows them to better understand the rules and enjoy the game more.
2. Access to educational materials: The Association provides educational materials such as  tips and techniques to improve skills in the game of pickleball.
3. Equipment discounts: some association offers discounts on equipment and accessories for members. This can help players save money when purchasing pickleball rackets, balls and other equipment.
4. Membership in an association can allow players to get involved in the wider pickleball community: This means opportunities to meet other players, find playing partners and build pickleball relationships.                                                                                                                                                                    5.Promotion and development of the sport: members of the association can be part of the efforts to promote and develop the sport of pickleball at local, national and international level.
6. Updates on events and news: The Association frequently provides its members with regular updates on events, news and developments in the sport.

                                                  Types of membership:
1. Individual membership: This is the basic type of membership that an individual becomes. With this type of membership, the individual gains access to the various benefits and resources offered by the Pickleball Association. This includes access to official rules, discounts on equipment and other benefits.
2. Youth Membership: A membership for young players or students with lower fees. This encourages participation in pickleball by young players.
3. Membership for Ambassadors and Coaches: There is a membership for pickleball coaches and instructors with additional benefits such as educational materials, support for training and tutorials.                                     4. Institutional Membership (for groups, clubs, organizations): This  membership is for pickleball clubs, groups, school teams or other institutions. In this way, organizations can support the development of pickleball at the local level.                                                                                                                         5. Honorary Membership: This is a membership that can be awarded to individuals or organizations for exceptional contributions or support of pickleball. Honorary members may receive special benefits or recognition from the Association.