Stříbrná medaile na turnaji v Maďarsku

At the end of June, a pickleball festival and an international tournament took place in Makarska, the capital of the Croatian Riviera. The event was also attended by Lenka Mišičková, who was waiting for a baptism by fire after a long break caused by health problems. The tournament was played in a one-on-one system and literally every point scored decided the overall ranking. The player from the Czech Republic went from victory to victory and only in the last match, after a hard day of fighting, she stumbled. The most wins and defeats she has ever recorded is six, which clearly catapulted her into first place. The second place went to Croatian-Canadian Mirjana Juras and the third to the home team’s Ivan Milasinovic. Dave Conley of the USA dominated the second category, followed by American Penny Smith Eifrig and Arthur Sevilla of Italy in a shared second place, with Germany’s Karsten Wischermann finishing third. At the end of the event, there was a final exhibition on the new pickleball outdoor courts at the Gava Resort on the island of Brac, which was attended by the following FIT Sports Club representatives, American Penny Smith Eifrig, Swede Mikael Lundstedt and also the main organizer and pickleball ambassador Mirjana Juras. The Croatian press also covered the event in their media. Thanks to Ivan Renic and Mirjana Juras from Piklebal Croatia, Radovan Maxner and on the island of Brac Gava resort and Navigare Milna for organizing this sporting event. (xxl)