There was a huge surprise at the International Championships in Poland when only twelve-year-old Elen Dudysova and Polish player Aleksandra Kaszorowska advanced to the semi-finals in the Open doubles competition. The championship took place in Pszczyna, Poland, with a very interesting foreign competition, among which Czech Republic was also represented. Natálie Pavelková, Elen Dudysová and Jarmila Janoschová entered the first day of singles. Pavelková was the best of the trio, narrowly missing out on qualification from the group, and finally Dudysova and Janoschová finished in the regular part. On the second day, however, the representatives of FIT Sports Club fixed their taste. First, Natálie Pavelková and Anna Křížová entered the battle, but they met the later winning pair from Hungary in the qualification and although they did very well, it was not enough to qualify. Then a brand new pair Dudysova – Kaszorowska appeared on the scene and although they were not among the favourites, they started to mow down one opponent after another. And to everyone’s surprise, they reached the semi-finals, where unfortunately there was a fratricidal duel with the pair Mišičková – Janoschová, who eventually advanced to the final and here succumbed to the favored Hungarian pair. Dudysova and Kaszorowska then competed for the bronze with a Polish pair of young players and although the match was very even it was enough for the fourth place. Apart from this potato medal, however, silver also goes to Czech Republic thanks to the pair Mišičková – Janoschová.