International pickleball tournament in Dabas, Hungary, was also attended by the young Czech Republic’s hopes Natálie Pavelková and Anna Křížová. The Czech players entered the doubles category together first in the qualification matches, in which they did surprisingly well and missed the semi-finals by a few balls. Overall, however, it was enough for the seventh place. On the second day of the tournament they were much more confident, Pavelkova won the qualification round unambiguously and Křížová’s advancement was decided by the final group match. The Czech player asked for a time out at 7:7, which was very skilful, and she gathered strength to make a final turnaround and win 11:7 overall and advance to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, both Czech players ran into each other and Pavelkova was the better player in this duel. In the fight for the gold and bronze medals, the Opava pickleballers faced the home Hungarian women, and although the duels were very even, they worked out better for the home team. Pavelkova won the silver medal and Křížová finished just below the gates of the medal position in fourth place. This great placing of the young hopefuls was subsequently complemented by a silver medal for Lenka Mišičková, who in doubles with American Zsuzsanna Strommerova went through the tournament without a loss, but then in the final, due to a renewed injury to the pair, she was no match for the home pair Flora Takacs and Fruzsina Szeli.